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From: Mark Ahlness (mahlness@halcyon.com)
Date: Mon Jan 07 2002 - 17:32:56 PST

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    -tictech message:
    Hi all,
    I figured an explanation was in order for the change in the location of the
    tictech list, so here it is. Tictech had not been functioning properly for
    a long time, and I felt I had no choice but to look for a new host. People
    were unable to leave the list or join the list. I was unable to add or
    delete members. Anyone who posted a message was dropped from the list. It
    was next to impossible to get tech support that could fix these problems.

    Since its startup over four years ago, tictech has been hosted on a
    Challenge Grant server. As many of you know, the funding for that grant was
    up at the end of school last year. The server still exists, but its days
    are numbered, in my opinion.

    I was close to moving the list to yahoo.groups, but I thought I'd put out a
    last minute request to The Learning Space. To my surprise and relief, they
    said yes. So, the list is now hosted on one of their servers. They have
    provided a list archive service for a couple of years as well. The list
    membership of tictech is, and always has been, confidential. The Learning
    Space is not charging any fee and is not imposing any advertising. Many
    thanks to executive director Diana Eggers and webmaster Ann McGlone for
    their generosity and support!

    >From a technical point of view, tictech is now hosted on Majordomo (similar
    to Listserv), software that has been widely used for many years to run most
    of the large discussion lists on the Internet. It is very reliable. Try
    unsubscribing and subscribing yourself sometime to get an idea of how the
    thing works. It's fast and easy. You can also unsubscribe yourself from an
    account you can no longer access, like those who have switched from cks to
    seattleschools.org (email me for info on this one).

    So it is on to a new chapter for tictech! The reasons for its existence
    remain the same: to pass on information and exchange ideas relating to
    technology, especially as they relate to the schools in the SSD. Thanks are
    in order to many, especially Mike Donlin, Susan Jenkins, and Currie
    Morrison, its founder. I hope many voices will continue to share
    information and join in the dialogue here to share the wealth of knowledge
    that exists in every school and department in this district.

    To post a message to tictech, write to tictech@learningspace.org - Mark

    Mark Ahlness
    Arbor Heights Elementary School

    -end tictech message. To join, leave, or visit
    the message archive, go to tictech on the Web:

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